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Welcome to Digital Concept, Inc.

“The simple, secure and affordable peephole solution”

The front door is the prime entry point into your home, and most people believe a peephole is the first step to safety. But a peephole invented in 1932 can no longer protect you and the most vulnerable, such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities. Current peepholes pose a great security risk by allowing visitors to peek into your home, and it’s time to upgrade to the new standard in privacy and security.

Using the latest advances in cutting edge technology, Digital Concept, Inc. offers the PeepHole Viewer. With a 3 inch LCD screen viewable by people of any height, sharp pictures even in low light environments, zooming capability for close identification and simple one button operation, the PeepHole Viewer clearly shows who is at your front door and actually records their image. You will always have a vivid view out, but visitors will never see in.

Easily installed on both existing and new doors, the PeepHole Viewer provides everyone with state-of-the-art security. Safety starts at the front door—protect yours with innovation you can see.

Outdated Peephole

Too high for children to reach. Difficult for the elderly and disabled. Shows a blurry images, and visitors can see you.